Anime REvisited: And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online Episode 8!

Long time no see guys! Welcome back to another episode review from our Anime REvisited pick that we’re pretty sure you know as; And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online! If you’ve ever played an MMO, then you’re aware that this happens from time to time when it comes to browser-based games. For more info on that, let’s jump into the episode!

Picking up where the last episode left off, Hideki and the gang were at an L.A. special cross-promotional event at a hotel. Things seemed to be going well…that is until it was discovered that Hideki’s account got hacked, and the guy playing Rusian is not him – which Ako eventually discovers. Heartbroken that the hacked “took” Rusian away from her, Hideki jumped into Ako’s laptop to see what went down; it wasn’t pretty. Hookup trolls and other nasty excuses for human beings lurk all through online games and certain chat sites, and if you’re a part of the anime/gaming community, then you already know.

After inspection of the damage Hideki and the others devise a plan to help get Hideki’s character (and Ako’s Rusian) back; first Ms. Sato informed the staff and the admins about the situation, then Hideki consulted with an old friend while the others did the very same. This episode is pretty much a ‘payback’ thing; as Hideki and the others went through a whole lot just to get one guy – who he wanted to get hardcore nerd vengeance on for making Ako cry. For the first time throughout the series, Hideki genuinely cares for Ako and doesn’t want anything to happen to her on or offline.

Even though she’s still having trouble telling the difference between the game and reality, there is some growth coming from her end. By the end of the episode Hideki finally got vengeance on the hacker as he was banished from L.A. and charged for his crimes; thus making an example out of him should anyone else try the same thing. Rusian was restored by the Game Master Nyack, and remarried Ako after finding the original in-game wedding ring. So that’s pretty much the episode in a nutshell.

In-game hacks happen in MMOs and other browser-based games more often than you think which is why you gotta be extra careful and make sure you log off when using public computers. Having a private VPN can also help in these situations cuz’ getting your account hacked is NO fun! So that will complete our anime review for now, but there’s more reviews and content to come on the blog! Until next post, stay nerdy and safe online! 😉

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