Anime REvisited: and You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online Episode 10!

It’s coming down to the wire as we bring you another episode review from our Anime REvisited pick; And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online! Summer vacation may be over, but the real fun is just beginning! With that in mind let’s kick off the review!

With Summer vacation finally over Hideki and the others return to school just in time for the school festival. As far as school life goes; everything appears to be right where everyone left it, except Ako tried to skip school again in order to play Legendary Age…ugh! Once classes were over Hideki met up with Ako and the others to come up with a concept of what they’ll be presenting at the school festival. It was also at this time that a new update for L.A. had just dropped known as Siege Warfare; a weekly guild-vs-guild brawl where the winning guild takes over one of the forts held by the previous guild, should they defeat them. Kyo thought that the winner should be able to present that as their concept for the school festival, except with Guild Alleycats having only four members, the odds of them winning are kinda slim to none.

So to compensate for that Hideki and the others decided to do some ‘PvP’ training in order to get good at this type of combat. The results of their training were subpar, as Rusian stated that the guild was pretty much a rag-tag group with no chance of even coming close to winning a siege event. Despite that the guild decided to try their hand at an occupied fort held by a guild called the Cleaning Crew, but the results of that bout ended up with multiple party wipes. This would be the case until Nekohime’s guild came in and took out the other guild; allowing them to occupy the fort – for a short time. Near the end of the episode Kyo got two additional computers because if Hideki and the rest of the guild want to win, they would need more hands on deck. Lord and behold they got it in the form of another guild who happened to be top tier; and who Rusian is quite familiar with…

As far as we can tell you, the overall plot to this series pretty much deals with a mixed bag of things; nerdy romance, net gaming, and distinguishing the game world from reality. That’s all we’ve got for now, but there’s more to come on the blog! Until next time, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

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