Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls Season One Episode Six!

Welcome back guys! We’re halfway through our Anime REvisited pick that you already know as Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls! This time we’re taking a dive into the all-too-familiar ‘Swimsuit Episode’, because why not! Since you’re all waiting for it, let’s go!

Title Card

Before the opening credits Princess Sen and Muneakira are looking over some files of the students that were missing because of the ‘Spirited Away’ incidents. (Miazaki shout out, baby!) The students were all from families that have turned out Master Samurai, so perhaps this may become a big plot point later on in the series. After the credits Sen and Muneakira make an attempt to sneak out of the dojo for a little ‘trip to the beach’ which has a special house by the Tokogawa Shogunate with a computer room inside. (Again, future plot point.)

Before they could even step out the gate they tripped a wire which set off that alarm that caused Jubei, Sanada, Matabei, and Hanzo to appear; asking them where they were going. They tried to hold their tongues about it but failed miserably, as Sen had no choice but to tell the crew that she and Muneakira were going on a trip to the beach. Cutting away to the beach trip we already know what to expect from these kinds of episodes; which type of swimsuit do boys prefer (one piece or two piece), two girls fighting over the male MC asking him who’s swimsuit looks hotter, y’know, ‘Beach Episode’ stuff.

Even though it was all beach and swimsuits for most of the episode, there was a boss battle that happened near the end of it involving Kanaetsugu; where Sen and Sanada had to put their differences aside in order to save Kanaetsugu’s life. Eventually Inner Jubei stepped into the fray and landed the killing blow against the boss that held Kanaetsugu captive inside of it; bonding to her body, but not killing her in the process. Long story short; this was pretty much a beach episode combined with a boss battle ending.

That’s it for episode six, but with half of the first season of this title behind us, we can only assume that the story will pick up after all of the silly stuff is done. That’s usually the case with 12-episode titles like this, but somehow they manage to pick up the pace later on. As always continue to look out for one another and stay nerdy my friends! 😉  

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