Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls Season One Episode Five!

Whew! And welcome back to our Anime REvisited segment featuring our anime title pick; Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls! Four episodes down, and only eight more to go! It appears in this episode we meet a new character, so let’s get to it!

Jubei Yagyu

Following up from the events of the previous episode, Sanada has now learned how to transform into a Master Samurai at will; meaning that the samurai’s general maintains his freedom of movement without being restricted. Jubei of course wants to know how she can transform into her Master Samurai form, but since it requires one to know the words to live by as a samurai, her answer to that is…food. While the shenanigans of the morning began at the dojo, a new challenger approaches – in the form of a girl with a giant hammer who happens to be the childhood friend of Sanada. (Little do the others know; that the girl with the hammer now known as Kanaetsugu was actually sent as a spy by Sen Tokugawa’s brother.) Why did Kanaetsugu show up at the dojo you ask? To get back at Sanada for what she did to her while they were kids. (No, we’re not gonna spoil what it is, you’ll have to watch to find out.)

Once nightfall hit Sanada was pretty upset and flustered about what Kanaetsugu said about her small breasts earlier during the day; that she transformed into her master samurai form and blew her away with her power (which she hasn’t learned how to control yet). Elsewhere in the bath house Princess Sen was contemplating if she should kiss Muneakira and become a master samurai, but she got squirt in the face with some water from a water gun by Jubei. (Where did the water gun come from?! XP)

By the episode’s end Kanaetsugu pretty much lays the beatdown on Muneakira due to how insensitive he was towards Sanada’s feelings. This was done only because he wanted to feel the same pain she felt, but by doing this she begged Kanaetsugu to stop as she apologized for what she said about him earlier; that he did perceive her feelings about herself and how she felt about him. It was also at this moment that Princess Sen condemned the actions of Kanaetsugu and asked if she truly knew what it meant to be a ‘Warrior of Love’ – or even if she knew what true love really was. Sen then kissed Muneakira transforming her into a Master Samurai and pretty much defeated Kanaetsugu; or at least sliced her hammer off its handle thus causing the girl to dash off and go home, but Hanzo hauled ass after her.

All in all, this was pretty much another character introduction episode where the level of seriousness is pretty much toned down. So that will do it for this episode review. Until the next one, look out for each other and stay nerdy! 😉

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