Anime REvisited: Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls Season One Episode Seven!

Welcome back to yet another episode review from our Anime REvisited pick that we’re pretty sure you already know as Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls! We are onto our seventh episode of this series so let’s get a move on with the review!

Inner Jubei

Kicking off the seventh episode the gang is back at the dojo, but discovered that Kanaetsugu is hiding out in the doghouse that she named as her base of operations. She states that the only reason she’s there is to keep watch of Muneakira due to her being the Warrior of Love, but that title is moot in the eyes of Princess Sen; who gives the girl a shake down while interrogating her about her alliance with Sen’s brother Yoshihiko. After several scenes of comic relief at Kanaetsugu’s expense, Hanzo has a moment while it begins to rain outside where she first met Princess Sen; and was asked to protect her by the academy’s principal as well as be her friend. Before that however the info from Sen’s brother’s file that Sanada and the others go through, indicates that something big and frightening is about to happen. Of course with every action anime that’s 12 episodes or less, you don’t get the full entrée of the plot until later on in the series.

Just like with the last boss battle that happened in the previous episode, another boss shows up in the form of some invisible enemy that knocks you unconscious if touched. Sadly Jubei learned that first hand as Hanzo used her specialized glasses to see what type of enemy it was. Muneakira along with Hanzo and Sen went after it while Kanaetsugu did the same, as they managed to corner it outside in the courtyard. Sen then suggested that if Hanzo became a Master Samurai then it would give her a boost in her abilities, but although it was great in theory, Hanzo just couldn’t go through with the plan.

Instead she wanted Sen to destroy the invisible boss along with her, but the princess actually had another idea; she would acquire Kanaetsugu’s help in order to destroy the boss while saving Hanzo in the process. In the first few episodes the relationship between Princess Sen and Hanzo was that of Master and Servant, but eventually it matures into the two of them becoming friends.

Basically you’re looking at another filler episode before the ‘real’ plot kicks in, and it’ll be kicking in sooner than we think. That will do it for our episode review, but as always there is more content and reviews to come! Until next post, stay healthy and stay nerdy! 😉

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