Anime REvisited: Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season One Episode Nine!

What’s up anime fam! We’re coming to you once again with another anime review from our Anime REvisited pick that you already know to be; Chivalry of a Failed Knight! With only three more episodes remaining in the season, it looks like this is where things start to come down to the wire. So, let’s get to it!


So far Ikki and Stella have been racking up wins like crazy, as the two of them are on a 12-game winning streak. After their battles they were sent on somewhat of a vacation for a week by the headmaster, little did they know they would end up having to clean the floors and windows of training camp facility thanks to the student council of the school. Around this time Shizuku went back to her family’s home for a while and didn’t want anyone to bother her, as she looked at old pictures of her brother when we was younger. Meanwhile Ikki and Stella take a trip to the waterfall that she saw while riding on the bus, but she was feeling a little bit…sick.

As it started raining in heavy downpours, Ikki took Stella to an empty cabin in the woods as the two of them dried off by the fire. Now here’s where things get a little…interesting. Stella’s clothes are wet as they’re lowering her body temperature, so to make her feel a little less embarrassed, Ikki decided to strip down to his drawers as well. Stella needed help undoing her blouse so Ikki being as noble and professional as he can, helped her unbutton it; thus exposing her bra. Ikki thought he was done, until Stella asked him to unhook her bra – because it was hard for her to breathe. Basically at this point Stella is pretty much naked aside from her panties, and I know it sounds like we’re heading towards soft-core hentai territory, but bear with us a little longer.

As Ikki covered her up Stella tells him how hard that must’ve been to help her undress while maintaining professionalism and keeping her safe, but that statement went moot as she also told him that his member was at full attention (BEAR WITH US!!). Trying to hid it Stella told him that she didn’t mind it and that it made her happy that she was able to get him excited, of course that was followed up with the question of does Ikki want to do ‘it’ with her. Finally after reacting like a terrified virgin, Ikki calmed down and stated that he wants to stand proudly with Stella, and let the world know just how he feels about her, and that they should wait until their married to have sex. Ladies, find you a guy like Ikki; who will respect you enough to wait until your wedding day!

Later on things get crazy as a giant golem attacks the cabin that Ikki and Stella were in; the keyword is ‘were’, because Ikki got Stella the hell outta there and somewhere safe for the moment. He tried to fight the golem on its own, but then it split into a small army of golems as they made their way towards a not-100% Stella. However the student council showed up just in time to take down the golem army, with the council president Tohka Todo finishing the army in one fell swoop. Back at the Kurogane household, Shizuku’s next opponent is the student council president herself.

Things will be getting really interesting from this point on, so until next review, continue to stay safe amongst this pandemic, and continue to love one another! 🙂

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