Anime REvisited: Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season One Episode Five!

Hiyo! We’re back with another episode review on our Anime REvisited pick known as Chivalry of a Failed Knight! So far things have been going well in the story character-wise, and the pacing doesn’t seem too fast or even too slow. With all that said, let’s get into it!


Ikki has just defeated another opponent making it his fifth consecutive victory in a row. It is also around this time that he and Stella have been dating for two weeks, so could it be that things are starting to get a little serious between them? Stella thinks so, as she proudly proclaims Ikki as her boyfriend in the beginning of the episode. Awhile after his battle Ikki stood outside on the academy grounds as a group of girls came up to him and asked if he could train them; which made Stella a bit jealous upon hearing his reaction. Eventually this drew the attention of several boys who were envious of Ikki and decided to attack him, but Korugane used his fighting skills to take em’ down a peg. After begging for his forgiveness and asking if he would train them too, Ikki happily smiled as he told them he would.

By the middle of the episode Ikki, Stella, Shizuku, and Alice along with the others who wanted Ikki to train them, find themselves on a bus trip to a Japanese indoor waterpark. We knew it was going to happen eventually, so here is the ‘Beach Episode’ you’ve all been waiting for! Sadly, there aren’t any hijinks in this episode as there would be in any other beach episode of any other anime title, but there was something else. Ikki and Stella manage to get a moment alone with one another under the water mushroom as Ikki thought about if dating Stella was the right thing.

They’ve been going out for two weeks and now Ikki is having second thought about their relationship. To that Stella assumed that they were breaking up; to which Ikki was shocked and asked her where she heard it. A lover’s quarrel started as Ikki and Stella were angrily trying to get their feeling across, but then as the two calmed down they both thought it would be a good idea to say what they want to say to each other at the same time.

They basically wanted to kiss each other, and they did just that. Then on the bus ride home Ikki and Stella were holding each other’s hands as they were now official! So what started off as doubt has now become assurance, as Ikki and Stella are now boyfriend and girlfriend. Like a lot of anime romance titles, we usually don’t see the final conformation until the last two episodes of the season or series, but in the case of Chivalry of a Failed Knight we saw it before we’ve reached the halfway episode of the series. Could it be that once the series is over, Ikki might…pop the question? Guess we’ll have to wait to find out!

Until next review guys, stay safe and united! 🙂