Anime REvisited: Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season One Episode Two!

What’s good, anime fam? Welcome back to another installment of Anime REvisited with our latest pick; Chivalry of a Failed Knight! As we mentioned in our last review, we think this series needs a bit more love as it’s flown under the radar of some of its more popular titles. With that in mind let’s move on the review!

Stella and Ikki, of course!

With all of the main character introductions out of the way (as well as the mock battle), Ikki and Stella are seen jogging with one another as it looks like Stella might kinda be out of breath. Near the end of the last episode, we’ve noticed that Stella’s been taking kind of a liking to him, and though she hated him in the beginning…it kinda looks like she’s a bit flustered in a semi-perverted way. Later on both Ikki and Stella are in Ms. Yuri’s class (who looks a bit zombie-looking and might have a blood disorder that causes her to vomit a liter of blood per day), as she talks about how the students will battle against one another in a tournament until they have the Top 6 selected for the Seven Star Sword Art Festival.

Each student will fight ten matches each, and will have a match every three days. After class Ikki and Stella were on their way somewhere until they met a girl who is starting her own Newspaper club named Kagami; who was a bit clingy towards Ikki – more than she should be. This caused Stella to act upset and somewhat jealous, but what happened next threw her into an emotional frenzy. Ikki’s sister Shizuku found him at the school…and kissed him. (Yep, she’s a ‘little sister’ type character. We can smell that troupe a mile away.)

Confused as hell, Stella tried to ease the tension of the area because the scene was drawing a crowd; however Shizuku had a different idea. She believed that Stella was trying to ‘steal’ her brother away from her, thus introducing another common troupe; the ‘Tsnundere’. (Basically the ‘I will end you, thot!’ type character.) Things got heated after a while as Stella and Shizuku readied their weapons and struck one another, causing an explosion to take out half the hallway; covering it in fire and ice. As punishment both girls had to clean all 26 bathrooms in the academy. Welp, they know what they did…

Eventually as the episode went on Shizuku was introduced to her new roommate Alice, as he told her that she can talk to him about anything. Elsewhere Stella was making dinner while Ikki was taking a bath…and somewhere in the process she thought it was a good idea to join him. Needless to say, the night ended off with a bang – but not in the way you’d hoped it would. So that it for the second episode review of the series, and so far the introduction phase has entered level two. What will Ikki’s battles be like? What kind of opponents will Stella face? Guess we’ll have to wait until the next episode!

As always guys n’ gals, stay safe and stay nerdy! 😉

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