Listen Up!! We’ve Got Some Awesome News!!

Indeed we do! About 11:45pm last night, we’ve received a text message confirming that we have not one, but two fan panels at the upcoming anime convention “Animore” at the Marriott Baltimore Renaissance Hotel in Baltimore, MD. Although this will be our third time going to our home field convention, this will be our first year as panelists. If you plan on attending this awesome convention, both of our panels will be happening on Saturday January 20th. The first panel is based off of one of our top ten filler posts known as “Anime Fanservice: Beautiful Blessing, or Horrible Curse?“. The second is a live demonstration panel where D&A Founder Donte’ Lewis, will teach you how to produce Chiptune and Electronic Music as Orlando Bassline.

The first panel is happening at 3:30pm while the second panel is happening at 4:30pm. Both panels are going to be back to back, meaning that you’ll get the chance to see us in almost a ‘double-header’ fashion! We can’t wait to see each and every one of you down at the Animore Anime Convention! If for some reason you can’t make it out to the con, the panels will be recorded (actually, only the Electronic Music panel will be recorded. The Anime Fanservice one is 18+) and uploaded onto our Youtube channel the following week. That’s our D&A Service Announcement, and we’ll be back with more awesome posts! 🙂

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