D&A Anime Blog: 2018 Announcements!!

BREAKING NEWS ON THE D&A FRONT! Don’t worry, it’s good news. On this cold third day of 2018, a lot of things are already starting to take off. As a matter of fact, if you haven’t heard the news from Crunchyroll yet, Dagashi Kashi Season 2 will be making its way to Crunhyroll’s streaming site January 11, 2018 – on the same day as our TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY-Y-Y-Y!!! Now that that little moment is over, here’s what’s goin’ down for the new year on D&A Anime Blog!

New Music! Original Mixes From Orlando Bassline!

That’s right! A new year brings new features, and this feature is an original one at best. We’ve got two self-produced EPs being produced by D&A’s own Donte’ Lewis under the alias of Orlando Bassline. Genres of both EPs consist of Chiptune-infused House, Techno House, Trapstep, Drum n’ Bass and more. The first EP “Game & House” will have six total tracks, while the “Redefined Otaku” EP will have five. Both will come out between Spring and Summer of this year!

D&A Throwback Thursday Segment Banner

For all of our old school anime fans who’ve enjoyed this segment, our Throwback Thursday segment will be making its triumphant return after a 10-month hiatus. The titles will be posted on a bi-weekly schedule starting January 11, 2018 – on our TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY-Y-Y-Y!!!

D&A Ani-Sunday Banner

Although this segment was short-lived, we’ve decided to give it one more try. Our Ani-Sunday segment will be returning to the blog on February 11, 2018 on a bi-weekly schedule.

D&A Friday's Segment Banner

This is our most favorite segment on the blog ever! With that in mind it will be returning next Friday on a bi-weekly schedule, with all of the fixin’s! 😉

D&A Cons Near U Segment Banner

A lot of stuff happened in December, so we didn’t get the chance to post any new anime conventions. Not to worry fans, Cons Near U is BACK! And will kick off the new year in February 2018!

That’s all of our 2018 plans and announcements, and we’re in the process of updating our anime convention appearances, so that our fans can get the chance to see us in action! Until next time, stay true and Happy New Year! 🙂

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