Filler Post: D&A’s Top 10 Filler Posts of 2017!

2017 has been the most interesting year that we’ve ever had; both good, and bad. In the past couple of weeks and months we’ve written some some great Filler Posts that (hopefully) changed many fans’ prospective on certain topics in the anime community, that otherwise may have been unapproachable. Doing these filler posts have really shaped the way that we review and watch anime as a whole, and we plan on continuing this ongoing segment for may years to come – or until we run out of topics (God forbid).

If you’ve seen our homepage you’d noticed that we’ve got TONS of filler posts of many various topics and retrospectives about anime, it’s fandom, cosplay, anime conventions, and so much more! Down below are our Top 10 Filler Posts that we ourselves are particularly proud of.

10. The 5 Hurdles That The Average Anime Fan Faces All The Time!

This one hits close to home with many of us anime fans, because this is something that we of the otaku generation deal with on almost a daily basis. (Especially when it comes to non-anime fans.) Sure, some of these hurdles seem like blips on our radar, but others are going to take the collective effort of the anime community as a whole. After all, we’re more than fans – we’re family!

9. D&A’s Top 5 Misconceptions About Anime

Anime is for kids! Anime is dead! Anime sucks! We’ve all heard em’. Those are the words, phrases, and quotes of those who don’t know what anime is or has no general knowledge of it whatsoever. Don’t get made at them – educate them! 😉

8. How To Successfully Plan For an Anime Convention

This post is one of our favorites because before we became D&A, A. Goldman and Yours Truly were noobs at this particular tactic. Hopefully this post will help those who want to attend an anime convention next year, or prepare for any of the ones that are left for this year.

7. The Pros and Cons of Anime Fandoms

Love em’ or hate em’ anime fandoms are pretty much here to stay! We’re hoping that this filler post will help you distinguish the good and the bad of being a part of one.

6. The 5 Things You Should Never Do While Visiting Japan

Unless you wanna be an otaku pancake on the side of the road, don’t cross the street on the opposite side of the road. If you plan on visiting Japan in the future, don’t do it before reading this post first!

5. Anime Fanservice: Beautiful Blessing or Horrible Curse?

Now this one we’re proud of! This particular topic has been a hot-button issue among anime fans for quite awhile, although the intensity of the subject has yet to be fully determined. (Or if it is, then we apologize for being late XP.) As with various other hot-button issues, this one is going to be up to the fans themselves.

4. Does Size Matter?: Big Cons vs. Small Cons

When it comes to this particular post, we’ll let you be the judge. If it were up to us, we’d say try both of them out and see which experience works for you.

3. D&A Breakdown: Nerd vs. Geek

Yes, there is a BIG difference! However, more than half of us are hybrids of the two. If you want the full breakdown of these two terms, then read this post for yourself! 😉

2. Shimoneta: The History of Censorship in Japan

Think of this filler post as an unofficial ‘Part 2’ to our post about anime fanservice, featuring the anime title Shimoneta. If you’re curious about the history or censorship in Japan, and how it effects certain anime titles that we watch over here in North America, then this filler post is for you.

1. The Four Things That Can Make-or-Break An Anime Series

And here it is, our number one favorite filler post that we’ve ever written! On this one, we breakdown the four things that can make-or-break an anime title based on these categories; Balance, Placement, Timing, and Involvement. This filler post is not just good for anime watchers, but also anime reviewers and creators. We’re hoping that by reading this particular post, it’ll change the way you watch or review anime all together.

That’ll do it for our Top Ten in the Filler Post department! Stick around for more new filler posts coming up later this week! 🙂