D&A Anime Blog: Thy Geekdom Con Recap!

Well guys, we just came back from this amazing two-day convention in Claymont, Delaware, and had a blast while we were there! They really meant what they said when they were going to make this year’s convention, one of the best ones that any con goer has ever been to. Shout-outs to the staff as well as the organizer of the con itself, for making this such a terrific weekend event for geeks of all ages, races, and backgrounds!


Now with 2017 slowly but surely coming to an end, we just would like to say thank you to our many fans who have supported us throughout this entire tour! You guys have been amazing to us as we never thought the blow would blow up the way that it did. Sure, we may have been a little slow in certain places when it comes to some of our posts, but we thank you a thousand times for bearing with us and sticking buy us. We like to think of ourselves as an anime fan’s fan, because we love to see what you guys want more of from us, as well as how we can improve as a blog so that we can stand out from the masses. None of this would have ever been possible had it not been for you guys, because to us, you guys (*sniffle*) are the best!! T.T

As a special thank you for all of the support that you’ve given us, we’re in the process of creating a highlight video featuring all of the anime conventions that we’ve been going to throughout this whole year! (We’ll also be posting the Thy Geekdom Con highlights video before the week is out.) Here’s to 2018; when we return to the convention scene with our official D&A Anime Blog Panel, as well as other fun stuff for the blog. Thank you so much guys for all of your awesome faces, and now we’ll be leaving you with some post-con shout-outs! 🙂

  • Aemiliaaaaaa (Artist/Cosplay/Model) FB/Instagram @Aemiliaaaaa
  • Montgomery Harris (Outbreak Z) http://www.montgomeryharris.com
  • Alexa Michelle Cosplay FB: AlexaMichelleCosplay, Insta @Postachild323
  • Brandon Colyer (Digital/Traditional Artist) beardlander.wix.com
  • Robbie DubBryan (DUBBRYAN STUDIOS) TheDubBryans@gmail.com
  • Asher P (Freelance Photographer) ashphoto.org, contact@ashphoto.org
  • Tahir Harris (DJ T-Bear) TBear816@gmail.com, FB: T-Bear the DJ
  • Moaglin Cosplay FB: Moaglin, Twitter @Moaglinxx, Insta @Moaglinxx
  • Generation Otaku (Anime Store) generationotaku.wixsite.com/store
  • Elle Suda Cosplay Insta @ellesuda, DeviantART: Elle Suda Cosplay
  • Captain Kyle http://www.cosplayspotlite.com
  • Duhdragon Cosplay FB: duhdragoncosplay, Instagram @Duhdragon

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