Filler Post: 5 Anime titles That Break The Fourth Wall!

You’ve seen it happen in many of your favorite movies (*cough* Deadpool *cough*). You’ve probably seen it happen in some of your favorite TV shows. If you don’t know what we’re getting at here, we’re talking about the greatest thing to ever happen to television, movies, and anime – the Fourth Wall! Much like fanservice found in certain anime titles, the Fourth Wall can basically mean a shoutout to the audience that’s watching, or even the fact that the characters realize that they’re in a work of fiction. Fourth Wall breaks are a time-honored tradition and mostly common in movies, TV, and of course, anime/manga. There are many titles out there that do this, but these five are pros when it comes to breaking down the one-way chalkboard that we call “The 4th Wall”.


Space Dandy! (No. 5)

He’s a dandy guy in space, who just so happens to break the fourth wall – occasionally. We may not know exactly what episode(s) the 4th comes into play, but watch the first episode of the first season, and maybe that’ll give you a clue. 😉


Rosario + Vampire! (No. 4)

If you’ve watched the first season of this show, then you’ve probably seen several instances of the fourth wall being broken, or at least poked at. There are a couple times in the series where the second season broke the fourth wall (When the cast was chased by Moka’s sister), but needless to say, this title is on the “4th Wall Breakers” list.


FLCL! (No. 3)

An anime title this bizarre sho-nuff’ breaks the fourth wall! If you don’t believe us then fast forward to the part where the animation style changes into the traditional manga style. We would tell you what was going on during that 4th wall break, but it’d be better if you watched it for yourselves. 😉


Team Rocket from Pokemon! (No. 2)

If our memory serves us (and we’re crossing our fingers it does), Team Rocket has broken the fourth wall numerous times (about 90% at least) – especially during the 1999 movie Pokemon the Movie 2000.


Gintama! (No. 1)

There’s no such thing as a “Fourth Wall” with a series like this. It’s not like the characters or the show itself doesn’t know that it’s there, they just acknowledge that it even exists. As with every anime title, we would tell you where and when the fourth wall breaks happen, but it’s better if you just tune in and watch the series for yourself. 😉

Well that’ll do if for us for this filler post, but we’ve got more for you guys coming up on the blog later this week! 🙂