D&A Friday’s: Of Masterminds and Anime Conventions!

So we’ve reached the oh-so spooky month of Halloween, and already people are making their way to their nearest Halloween costume store (or Party City – Shoutouts to them)! If you’re an anime fan who loves to cosplay, then every day is Halloween, especially during anime conventions. Speaking of which we’ve got some cons for you guys to check out for the month of October coming next week, but for right now we’ve got some awesome anime titles for you to check out!

terror in resonance

If you’re looking for a mystery-thriller about the struggle of terrorism, then you’re gonna love Terror in Resonance! The story takes place in an alternate timeline of the present, where a sudden major terrorist attack has just decimated Tokyo. While the FBI are on the case to figure out who the culprit(s) might be behind the attack, they find a cryptic piece of evidence in the form of a video that has now sent Tokyo into a state of paranoia. Rumor has it that the masterminds behind this attack are two teenage boys (who shan’t be named) who thought it was a good idea to “shake up the world”. Will they get away with it? Or has the FBI found some leads that might trace the evidence they found to them? Find out on Crunchyroll and FunimationNow!

We’re happy to announce that we’re currently in production of creating some high quality music tracks for you to listen to, while you’re surfing through the blog! Although there will be 16 tracks in total for our Kontrol Room playlist, there might be some hidden ones that you can only find on our Patreon page. We’ll be working hard to bring you some locations for some anime conventions in your region, plus some updates for the birthday celebration of D&A Founder Donte’ Lewis, as he and Aaron Goldman make their way to Thy Geekdom Con the first weekend in November!

Stay tuned, my friends! 😉

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