Monday Night Updates and Lesser-Known Anime Titles!!

Before we bring you some well anticipated updates we wanna start by apologizing that we weren’t able to deliver you guys, the fans, our usual dose of samurai action titles and Hall of Fame inductees. We’re hoping that this coming weekend you’ll dig in to what we’ve got cookin’ for ya in the D&A kitchen!

Now that that’s settled let’s get down to what’s coming up next! As we mentioned before in our previous filler post, we’ll be debuting some fan panels of our own at some upcoming cons in 2018; starting with AniMore! AniMore is the birthplace of D&A Anime Blog, and was the first anime convention where we (A. Goldman and I) made our first ever public appearance. To celebrate our upcoming two-year anniversary, we’re going to bring you some awesome fans panels that we have officially created!

D&A Anime Blog (Twitter Profile)

Panel #1: The D&A Anime Panel! (Q&A with D&A)

It doesn’t get more simpler than that, right? It’s our official fan panel where you guys get to ask us questions about anything; from how we got started as D&A Anime Blog, to what anime titles we have seen. This panel is dedicated to all of our fans who have supported us throughout the launch of D&A Anime Blog, as well as shown us some love during our 2017 anime convention tour! 🙂

Panel #2: How to make Electronic Music using MAGIX Live!

This is our second fan panel that we hope to bring to you guys during our 2018 anime convention tour. It’ll be about how to make Electronic Dance Music using the music making software (DAW) known as MAGIX Music Maker Live! If you’re familiar with other programs like FL Studio, Reason, Cubase, Ableton, Logic, Pro Tools, or Garage Band, then MAGIX is similar in nature just like FL Studio and Ableton is. MAGIX is great for anyone at any skill level; whether you’re a novice beatmaker who’s just starting out, or a pro music producer who’s been around the block. Either way you’ll be able to do it all with the new MAGIX Music Maker Live.

Yours Truly will take on the DJ/Producer moniker Groundzkontrol, as I show you guys some tricks and tips on how to mix and master your own tracks! We’ll even put together a live demo track with the help of you guys, the fans! 🙂

Panel #3: D&A’s Live Anime Trivia Panel!

In this panel, we’ll test your knowledge of anime through a series of multiple choice questions embedded in multiple choice categories. (Using a new type of “UNO” game known as Blackjack UNO.) We pick two teams as they try to see which team has the most knowledge about their favorite anime titles and characters. There will be two phases; the Draw Phase and the Question Phase. (That’s where the UNO cards come in to play.)

The Draw Phase is where one of us will draw two cards at random, and place them in the proper hand where they belong (i.e. if a Red-3 is drawn, it will go in the Red Hand). The first team to get ’21’ in all four hands (meaning all four UNO colors) will win the game, as well as some free D&A T-shirts (and possibly a gift card.)

Also, don’t forget to check out our lesser-known anime title of the day known as Paranoia Agent! If you’ve never seen it yet be sure to check it out on FUNimation, Crunchyroll, or you can find it on YouTube! Ciao my friends! 😉


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