D&A’s Animore Shout-Outs!!

We just wanna give a few shout-outs to all of the awesome people we’ve met while at Animore this past weekend!

  • Chuck Huber
  • Felecia Angelle
  • Anthony Bowling
  • CJ Bear and the rest of the Animore Staff
  • Tainted Reality, for the great DJ set you guys put on
  • Aaron Rabe (aka “Spider” Jack Sparrow)
  • Fritz Cosplay
  • Man at Arms
  • The Wooden Dwarf
  • Andre Jackson
  • Beef Jerky Guy
  • Serenity’s Revenge Cosplay
  • Machipongo Studios
  • Doug Bell Publishing
  • And finally you (the fans) and cosplayers of Animore

We shall return in 2018 for our two year anniversary!! 🙂

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