Big plans for D&A…

With our Six Month Anniversary less than a few days away, we’ve got some big plans for the blog for the rest of the month into August! For Otakon’s final year in Baltimore, we’ll be creating a Cosplay Music Video with a hot new original track produced by Yours Truly (aka DJ Blackkjackk Trance), entitled “It’s Otakon”; the remake of the original track that was also previously produced by Yours Truly.

Secondly, we’re debuting D&A Throwback Thursdays next Thursday night @ 11pm. It’ll feature anime titles/reviews from the 80’s and 90’s, as it’ll bring back so many nostalgic moments for many old school anime fans! So many awesome things are yet to come in this second half of 2016, so be sure to check the site for updates and more youtube postings yet to come! 🙂

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