Hedgehogs, Echidnas, Angels, and Basketball?

What does that all have to do with anything, you ask? Well that just means that a new fanfiction crossover starring Sonic and Knuckles and featuring Panty and Stocking, is about to unfold through the sport of Basketball! Get ready for a story filled with PSG adult humor, exaggerated basketball trick shots, BDSM demons, and possibly a love connection, in this lil’ title that we’d like to call “Sonic & Knuckles Hot Shots featuring Panty & Stocking”! Coming Fall 2016!! 🙂

This Week’s D&A Fridays has been updated!!

Sorry we’re a bit late on the delivery, but we’ve just updated our D&A Fridays segment for this week for you all to enjoy! Next week we’ll bring you more anime cons for you to check out and more excitement from our Throwback Thursday, so be sure keep up with us on facebook, twitter, tumblr, as well as right here on the blog, to stay up to date on the latest n’ greatest news from D&A! It’s a part of you! 🙂