None of this couldn’t be possible without our number one fan; you! To celebrate this happy occasion in anime blog history, we’ve posted the final installment of our Otakon Reewind series! On Thursday we take you back to the 80’s and 90’s with D&A Throwback Thursday. Then we mix it up Anime and Manga style on D&A Fridays! Your week will be jam packed with tons of stuff goin’ down, so be sure to be here when it does! 🙂

Ready for the Six Month Anniversary?

Cuz’ we sure are! Monday July 11, 2016 will mark D&A Anime Blog’s Six Month Anniversary, and boy do we have so much in store for you guys! Throwback Thursday will debut this week, followed by our final installment of the “Otakon Reewind” series and more anime conventions for you to check out. From Twitter to Facebook (and Tumblr to Youtube as well) we thank from the bottom of our hearts for your love and support for D&A! It’s a part of us and most importantly, it’s a part of you! 🙂