D&A Studios Is Now D&A Studios Entertainment!

Our Youtube channel has moved to the next level! Don’t worry, you can still find us easily by typing “D&A Studios” in the Youtube search bar. Since we’re in the process of making advancements in our branding, we decided that our official Youtube channel would be the first place to start! When we first decided on the name of our channel, we’ve had people try to send us demo reels of their voice over work for anime and video games. (People literally thought we were a recording studio; which we are, just not for audition demos.) D&A Studios Entertainment is home to the Nerdz of the Decade Youtube podcast, D&A Studios Unboxed (which will be the new name for our remaining unboxing videos), and D&A Studios Extras; our ‘extra thicc’ side content series. That’s all we’ve got for updates and announcements, so until next post, enjoy episode 24 of Nerdz of the Decade! 😉


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