NEW 2022 SEGMENT ALERT!! Poetic Rants From Comedic Circumstance!

Isekai, Ecchi, Harem. It seems like every season we get a fist full of anime titles from those three genres, and in some cases those titles might even be a combination of all three. For many fans they’re not surprised and for others, well, they’re happy that they now have new potential ‘waifu’ material. (Or ‘husbando’, we’re equal opportunity!) Over the last decade (and maybe a handful of years) we’ve seen this trend of shows with more fanservice in the ‘T&A’ department, and less attention paid to plot or character development. With this trend came a lot of rants on social media (or ‘anitwitter’ as some of us are calling it) about the over-saturation of fanservice from Isekai, Ecchi, and Harem. Although we have our own opinions about those three genres, we’ve decided to channel the ‘frustrations’ of said fans who’ve ranted about this semi-controversial topic, through a comedic pathway.

Keep in mind that the new segment we’re working on bringing to you bounces between TV-14 and TV-MA; which is also the television ratings for a lot of the titles that are labeled Ecchi or Harem. The name of our new segment is called “Poetic Rants From Comedic Circumstance”. We basically poke fun at the Isekai, Harem, and Ecchi genres leaving no stone un-turned when it comes to their tropes; some of which you’re sick of, and some you can’t live without. Also keep in mind that these are just jokes; as there are pockets of individuals within the dark corners of anime fandom, that will burst a blood vessel cuz’ we dissed their waifus. The new segment kicks off on the first Monday in January 2022!

That’s it for our announcement, so until our next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

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