D&A Anime Blog: Returning To Conventions, What’s New For 2022, and More!

So here we are just six weeks away from 2022, and it’s pretty obvious that going through a world-changing experience (like the pandemic) really makes you think about where you see yourself in the near-future. Though we’re still dealing with the effects of the ‘obvious state of the world’, things are slowly coming back to normal. For the last 20 months or so, no anime fan on Earth though anime conventions would come back in-person; but not only did most of them return in the flesh, but fans have returned to their favorite nerd sanctuaries fully-vaxxed with their cards, and their masks. With that in mind, what’s next for D&A in the year 2022?

We’ve been wingin’ it all year

Just this past Summer we’ve launched our YouTube podcast known as “Nerdz of the Decade” as well as our product reviewing series through D&A Studios. With things they way they are now, we find ourselves in a state where we feel as though we want to reignite that fire and that passion that D&A has given us! Sure, the last 20 months have kept us away from conventions and seeing our fans and super fans in the flesh, as well as test us to see if we want to continue D&A. For many of us who run conventions; said owners and staff had to make announcements that they will be closing the doors of their cons due to financial loss because of the pandemic, while others had to rely on ‘GoFundMe’ pages or downsize just to stay afloat. This past weekend our home convention in Baltimore, Maryland known as “Animore” had to shut down and disband because of financial loss. The news cut us deeply because D&A’s level of popularity and exposure in the convention circuit, would’ve never gotten off the ground had it not been for this convention.

Though we’re not sure what will take its place (or if even anything anime-related will take its place), we will always cherish the memories that Animore has given us as well as all of the awesome people that we’ve met. Receiving this news got us thinking about the current state of D&A and what we wanna do moving forward. We don’t really make a lot of money doing what we do, and any money that can be made is through merch sales (which we’re working on), content monetization (which doesn’t bring in as much as you think on YouTube unless you’ve got 100,000+ subs), and affiliate links. Despite this, we’re not ones to give up and walk away that easily; and will continue to give you guys awesome nerdy content through the blog, as well as on YouTube.

As far as our return to cons go, we will be returning to them towards the second quarter of 2022, and we’ll make sure that we keep a list of which ones we’ll be attending in the coming months.

That will do it for this special announcement, but there’s more content coming so stay tuned! 😉 

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