Anime REvisited Special: The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 9!

Welcome back! We’re here with another episode review from our Anime REvisited Special; The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter! Noir’s gone up against some powerful foes, but who will be the final boss of this series? We’ll find out soon, but for now let’s jump into the review!

The Cast!

Noir gave Emma a rare item that would increase her wind attributes and skills, and though she was happy about it, she had an uneasy feeling that if she were kidnapped Noir wouldn’t even notice. (Which eventually led up to Noir attending a special dance event that only high-ranked nobles go to.) Despite the thought of that circling around in his head Noir went back home to his family as they planned out how they were going to open up their rare item shop; which was gonna be difficult due to their rank as a Baronet.

Nightfall hits and Noir finds himself at the party that Emma’s attending, and me quickly meets her while looking on at the crowd of guests. Before the party got started the host of the even stated that there was a phantom thief that warned that he/she would strike and take the one thing that was precious; the Mermaid’s Tear (as well as Emma – as Noir soon would find out). The host assured that everything would be okay since the Lahmu Guild was around to make sure nothing went down, but when the lights went down, that’s when the trouble went down. The phantom thieves arrive and take the two things that mattered most to their respective owners; leaving Noir on a chase with the thieves along with the Lahmu guild’s martial artist; Leila Overlock.

After cornering one of the thieves on the rooftop, the battle pretty much began. Though Noir and Leila were having a hard time, they both were able to defeat their foes. Everything seemed like it was back to normal, until the other half of the phantom thieves showed up. This time Noir and Leila were in a little bit of trouble; as the other phantom thief used gravity manipulation to prevent them from moving. Noir of course isn’t the kind of guy to give up, so he powered through and was prepared to punch the guy, but Emma woke up from her spell-fueled sleep and attacked the guy with her wind attribute. This allowed Noir to deck the guy for kidnapping Emma and thus both her and the Mermaid’s Tear was saved. By the end of the episode Noir and his family were able to get a place for their shop thanks to a few strings pulled by Emma’s family (as well as the host of the party), and he was even able to make a new friend from the Lahmu Guild (Leila); which was discovered to be Noir’s rival guild (Odin), but still friends nonetheless.

That’s it for this episode review, but there’s more content coming down the pipe! Until next time guys n’ gals, stay safe and stay nerdy! 😉 

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