Anime REvisited Special: The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 7 & 8!

Here we go again! We’re back with another episode review from our Anime REvisited Special; The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter! Since we’ll be doing a dual episode review for episodes 7 and 8, we’ll give you a rundown of what happened while keeping the full details to a minimum to reduce spoilers. So, here we go!

The Cast!

After Tigerson came to live with Noir, both he and Emma found themselves at the receptionist building where Lola was being held back by her friend Luna from slugging another receptionist named Sara. (Who definitely has a masochistic side.) The reason you ask? Well, Lola believes that Sara has been taking her adventurers away after the results of the annual Receptionist Battle; and Noir is now caught in the crossfire of this situation. Should Lola lose this time, then Sara will be Noir’s receptionist – which he didn’t “seem” too concerned about at first. To help her win the challenge Noir dashed off to look for some rare items while taking on Lola’s quests (and even getting a lil’ “help” with his LP if you know what I mean). With Emma and Luna’s help (since they wanted to tag along) Noir took down an earth dragon, then brought it back to help boost Lola’s receptionist score.

After discovering that it didn’t seem enough to win, Noir went back to the dungeon and asked for Olivia’s help. She told him to head to the seventh floor in order to find more rare items, and upon arrival he met Dori; a Driad who created a forest on that floor. She told him that she’s dying due to her mana being sucked away by a Golden Bee (at Lv. 256). At first Noir didn’t think he could defeat it due to his level being 3.5x lower than the bee’s, but if you know anime protagonists like you think you do, Noir was going to find a way to win.

He did just that by using his ‘Get Creative’ and ‘Editor’ skills to have the silver wolves attack the bee while buying him some time to try a new attack. Noir shot a blast of water infused with lightning to not only drench the bee; but shock it to death because water conducts electricity. (Ask any 5th Grade science kid!) Once the battle was over, Dori took Noir to where she hid two treasure chests for anyone that could help her with her problem; and Noir just happened to be the lucky one. After getting two rare items and discovering where the eighth floor is, Noir headed back to the receptionist building where the results of the receptionist battle were taking place. The points gained were turned into coins, and just when it seemed that Lola would lose again, Noir pulled an upset and won the battle for her! It’s safe to say that everything was pretty much back to normal in Noir’s eyes, though the same cannot be said for Sara with Lola chasing her with a spiked bat in comedic fashion.

There you have it; two anime reviews combined into one! There’s more content on the way, but until then, stay nerdy my friends! 😉