D&A Anime Blog: Best Con Moments!

Since we’ve launched our blog back in 2016, we never imagined that it would reach the level that it currently is now. Between the fans, the voice actors, and all of the conventions we’ve gone to in the last ten years, we’ve had some awesome moments as the dynamic duo of D&A Anime Blog. (A. Goldman, and Yours Truly.) Although we’re still growing as a blog and taking on new experiences in our lives, it’s been quite a fun ride doing this – and we ain’t stopping anytime soon! Here’s a handful of some of our best con moments between other fans, as well as voice actors.

Going to Zenkaikon for the First Time!

Back in 2017 we went to our first anime convention in another state. We didn’t know what to expect when we got there, but after going for our first time, Zenkaikon was a blast! We’ll be returning for Zenkaikon 2020, so if you didn’t get the chance to see us in 2017 or 2019, come check out Zenkaikon (and say ‘hi’ if you see us)!

Meeting Monica Rial for the First Time!

Anime USA 2018

20+ years in the VA biz? Check! Over 500 characters to her name? Check! The Most Iconic Voice in the World? Yep! Have we met her? Yes we did! (Twice!) Needless to say, Monica Rial is one of the coolest ladies you’ll even met; next to Collen, Jamie, Felecia, and many others. She’s also the voice actor welcome wagon if you’re an aspiring voice actor, and we’re hoping that we get to meet her once again.

Going to Thy Geekdom Con for the First Time

Although this convention is now a four-day con, we were able to check out this convention back in 2017 (on the birthday of D&A’s Donte’ J. Lewis) and met One Punch Man himself, Max Mittleman. Even though it’s been three years since our first appearance at this convention, we hope that we’ll one day get the chance to go back to this con some day.

Although the first month of the year is officially in the books, there’s plenty more moments and memories to be made at the coming conventions that we got lined up for 2020. Until next post guys n’ girls, stay nerdy! 😉

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