A Founder’s Thoughts: With D.J. Lewis (February 23, 2020)

Hey guys, what’s going on? It’s Yours Truly here representing one-half of D&A Anime Blog. With only a week left before the month of March, I wanted to reflect on one of my favorite posts that I’ve written about the relationship between anime, and hip-hop. With February being Black History Month it’s really cool to see that there’s more diversity in anime than ever before, so if you want to see what I’ve posted about the connection that hip-hop has with anime check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the post.

Lately I’ve been feeling a little mundane as of late, so I’ve been watching some anime titles to help take my mind off of boredom – as well as work on other music production projects. I’ve also noticed that I don’t go on social media as often as I used to, but of course I always want to talk to you guys if you have any fresh ideas for the blog, or even if you just wanna chat about anything. Other than waiting anxiously to drop my first ever EP on all of the top music streaming services, there’s not a whole lot happening on my side of the tracks. Although we’re closing in on having two months of the new year making its way into the history books, A. Goldman and I are working on making some big moves for the blog’s future throughout 2020. Next year will be the blog’s 5th anniversary, and for that we have a special surprise that we want to give to our fans as a ‘thank you’ for all the love and support that you’ve given us over the years. (However, we can’t tell you what it is just yet ;).)

Before I end this post I just want to say that despite all the negativity that we deal with in reality, see on social media, and hear about on the news on almost a regular basis, take a little time to brighten someone’s day – however you can. Leave a like on one of their posts that speaks to you, or even lift someone’s spirits with a funny joke. For us, 2020 will be our year of kindness, and our year of making the lives of others a little bit better.

Until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉