D&A Anime Blog: New Music EP and Other Updates!

Hey guys n’ gals! We’re back with another post filled with some quick updates about what we’ll be doing, and what new projects we have in the works. One project that we’ve been teasing for quite awhile is an upcoming six-track EP entitled Minddgames produced by D&A’s own Donte’ J. Lewis under the name Avidd Minddset. So far the music genres on the album include the 100 BPM booty-shaking genre known as ‘Twerk’ (which is at 106 BPM on the album), with Trap, Techno, and other electronic music elements (and Chiptune). There is also a collaboration single that he’s working on with rapper/singer KING SHABAZZ called “Checkmate”, which will be dropping in digital streaming sites and online stores near you – real soon!

Avidd Minddset ft. KING SHABAZZ Checkmate
“Checkmate” [Single] Album Cover
Also if you haven’t heard, we now have an official Discord channel called Anime Snap, which we manage, but we’re also looking for others who would like to volunteer to assist us in running it. If you’re interested let us know in our Contact Us page, or you call tell us in the comments below. This year aside from the conventions that we’ve listed already, there may be two more that we might be going to (if the price is right). One of them is a two-day convention called Otakufest in Miami, Florida happening 4th of July weekend, the other is a one-day college/university-style convention held by the university’s anime club in Baltimore, Maryland (UMBC) known as Retrievercon. Both of these cons are ‘maybes’ in our book, but you never know. If there are any cons that you want us to make a near-future appearance at, let us know in the comments below.

That’s all of the updates we’ve got for now, but there will be more to come down the road. Until next post guys n’ gals, stay nerdy! 😉

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