Over 9000: The Ten Levels Of Super Saiyan!

If you’re an anime fan who has just turned 30 or is about to turn 30 this year, then you might be surprised to discover that the grand staple of anime titles; Dragon Ball Z, has been around for as long as you’ve been alive! It’s hard to believe that one of the gateway titles that every 90’s kid has watched is now turning 30. We’ve watched the Earthbound saiyan we know as Son Goku (aka Kakarot) grow up right before our eyes; from the time he fought the Red Ribbon Army, to his battle with Jiren in the Tournament Of Power.

We all remember the time Goku went Super Saiyan on Planet Namek against his battle with Frieza, and just when we thought that the Super Saiyan transformation was going to be the climax of the series, Toriyama had a few more tricks up his sleeve. For this post we’re going to be shining the spotlight on ten different levels of the Super Saiyan transformation that fans have seen in the last 30 years. Prepare yourself, cuz’ we plan on going over 9000 baby!!


10. False Super Saiyan

The first hint of the Super Saiyan transformation was first seen in the DBZ movie entitled Lord Slug. In this form Goku’s hair does stand up as he gains a golden aura surrounding his body, however his hair does not turn gold, but does gain a reddish tint. His irises are gone, and his base power seems to have multiplied (somewhat akin to the Kaioken, which multiplies the user’s base power several times over).

This, is a Super Saiyan!

9. Super Saiyan

We’re all familiar with this one. Legend has it that once every 1,000 years a Super Saiyan is born, and it looks like Goku got to do it before Vegeta did – yeah, I said it! In this form a saiyan’s power level is multiplied 50 times from its base, as the muscles bulge slightly with a golden aura surrounding the body, and the hair stands up and becomes gold. We see Goku fight Frieza in this form, as well as Future Trunks when he kills Frieza, and Vegeta when he blasts Android 19.

It increases your power and mass, but it also slows down your speed…

8. Super Saiyan Grades 2 & 3

This level of Super Saiyan is ranked somewhere between the traditional level, and Super Saiyan 2. The only drawback of this form is the fact that while your power and mass is increased dynamically, your speed is significantly slower. Future Trunks had to learn the hard way when he fought Perfect Cell…

1452783098_son goku animation
This, is a Super Saiyan who has surpassed a Super Saiyan!

7. Super Saiyan 2

The first time we saw this form was when Gohan took on Super Perfect Cell (or just Perfect Cell) during the Cell games – and won! This form takes the power of a Super Saiyan and doubles it, plus the saiyan that achieves it gains a slightly more edgier personality (perhaps a little cockier). We also see Goku using this form against Majin Vegeta, who also achieved this form thanks to Babidi.

This is a Super Saiyan 3…

6. Super Saiyan 3

This is the strongest Super Saiyan transformation in Dragon Ball Z, or…it was. There are only two people who can take the legendary transformation to its absolute limit, and that is Goku and Gotenks. This form pushes the hidden power of a saiyan warrior to the brink of its limits – and shatters it! This form is also the most draining in the Z series, so you won’t be able to maintain it for long.

Step into the Grand Tour!

5. Super Saiyan 4

We know Dragon Ball Super put this debate to bed, but nevertheless GT is a part of the franchise’s history – canon, or not! It was only after Goku (who was transformed back into a kid in this series thanks to Pilaf) became a Golden Great Ape, did he realize this new Super Saiyan transformation. In this form his hair (and height) return to normal, but his body is covered in a dark pink fur, except for his chest, and his eyes are now yellow with red outlines on the outside.

He’s become what we’ve feared the most…the Legendary Super Saiyan!

4. Legendary Super Saiyan

Unlike the traditional Super Saiyan transformation, the power of a Legendary Super Saiyan is more like a ‘power source’ than a battery. Any saiyan that achieves this form is able to expel tremendous amounts of power – sometimes uncontrollably. So far Broly and Kale are the only two saiyans who have achieved this form.

Super Saiyan God Vegeta!

3. Super Saiyan God

We all saw this form back during the Battle of Gods movie as well as Dragon Ball Super when it first came out. Goku was the first to go into this transformation during his battle with Beerus, and eventually he and Vegeta learned to master this form through some god ki training with Whis. In this form the saiyan’s hair turns crimson red as well as his eyes, and gains a fiery red aura. Although the color red symbolizes rage, the next form calms it while elevating the power level of its transformation to godly heights.

It’s Super Saiyan…but blue?

2. Super Saiyan Blue

Upon mastering the use of god ki, Goku is able to take that rage-like aura, and calm it down via a blue aura. His hair returns to its original Super Saiyan style, only with a blue color and a heightened level of power thanks to his god ki training. Combine this with the Kaioken and you’ve got an unstoppable badass transformation that will make any enemy tremble! (Spoiler: Goku’s the only one who’s done it!)

Elegant, yet deadly!

2 1/2. Super Saiyan Rose’

During the Goku Black saga, Zamasu stole Goku’s body in another timeline and went on the hunt for Future Trunks. Now as a saiyan god he’s mastered Goku’s Super Saiyan transformation and has become Super Saiyan Rose’. In this form Goku Black’s hair stands up and becomes a bright hot pink color with his eyes turning somewhat of a grey color. He has mastered the godly ki and perfected it into something elegant, as well as super deadly.

Empty your mind, release your thoughts…

1. Ultra Instinct

This form is a ‘last resort’ transformation that is exceptionally hard to achieve, and master. Even the gods like Beerus find this form hard to grasp, but in Goku’s case, he has to empty his mind of thoughts that would cause him any distraction of any kind. Having complete zen while in this form can only be done if Goku is in an absolute dire situation; such as him fighting against Jiren, who is incredibly strong. In this form Goku’s speed is so quick that he can predict what hos opponent’s next move will be. Ultra Instinct puts the user’s mental state at such a high level, that they will always be ten steps ahead of whatever plan or moves their opponents can come up with.

Whew, this post was a mouthful, but there you have it! These are the Super Saiyan forms we currently all know from Dragon Ball Z to Super. Until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

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