Throwback Thursday: Time Bokan!

It’s Thursday again so you know what that means, right? Another post about an old school anime title that you probably heard of, but after reading this post you might be interested to check it out. Today we’re heading to the 70’s with a title known as Time Bokan (which actually has a 2016 reboot on Crunchyroll), and if you want to know more about it, we’re happy to tell you! 🙂

Why does the guy on the right look like someone I know…?

The story’s plot goes a little something like this; A scientist by the name of Dr. Kieda has invented insect-shaped time machines he calls Time Bokan (go figure). To prove that his invention works and is safe for others to use, he himself decides to self-test his creation. When the time machine came back however, Dr. Kieda was nowhere to be found – but a talking parrot and a large gemstone called the Dynamond was. Due to this situation a search party was assembled thanks to Dr. Kieda’s lab assistant named Tanpei, as he and his group travel back in time to find his mentor. The only problem Tanpei’s gonna have is the fact that they’re ‘others’ who are after the same thing that was found in the doctor’s time machine…

The formula for the story pretty much goes as follows; the heroes travel back to a certain period in time to look for clues to Dr. Kieda’s whereabouts (while encountering historical figures in the process), then they encounter the villains and a battle ensues. Afterwards the heroes come out victorious while the villains retreat to live to fight another day. You can find this title and its reboot on Crunchyroll, or any other legal anime streaming site.

That’s it for this post, but as always we’ve got awesome stuff that’s coming to the blog, so we’ll keep you up to date for the latest and greatest from the two-man crew of D&A! We thank you for all of the love and support and as always, stay nerdy! 😉

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