Filler Post: D&A’s Top 7 Leader Cards For The Dragon Ball Super Card Game!

Happy October guys n’ gals! We are officially in the final quarter of the 2018 year, and we just want to say thank you to all of our fans and anibloggers who have supported us throughout the year. Now with that out of the way, it’s time for another awesome filler post! Since the inception of Pokemon and other classic anime titles of the 90’s, trading card games have made their way into the world of the nerd and have become another great staple in the community. One trading card game in particular has gone through various incarnations over the years, and its latest format has taken the TCG community by storm! We’re talking about the one and only Dragon Ball Super Card Game (DBSCG)!

One of the reasons why this version of the classic action-packed card game is so popular, might be the way that the game is played. The rules are simple and aren’t too complicated, and you can probably finish a game (or battle) in 30 minutes or less. You get to play as characters from every series in the Dragon Ball universe (including Super), and every character does something different and unique depending on the type of deck that you decide to run. If you’re trying to find out which character/deck you want to run for your first time playing this awesome card game, here are our Top 7 Leader Cards that you gotta check out to figure out what style/tempo you feel like playing at.


7. The Masked Saiyan (Leader Card) / 10000 Power / Critical / Awaken

Coming in at Number 7 on our list is the Leader card The Masked Saiyan. With this card you’d have to place the top 3 cards of your deck into the Drop Area. If two of the cards that you place in the Drop Area are black and any other color, not only do you gain the Critical boost, but you also get a +5000 power boost as well. This Leader card is a great card to practice with if you aren’t too familiar with the game just yet, however there are others just like this one out there with the same or similar abilities.


6. Broly (Leader Card) / 10000 Power / Permanent / Awaken

From what we’ve heard about this card, you’ll need to make sure you have Broly’s Ring handy in order to see its full benefits. Other than that running a Broly deck isn’t too bad as long as you have the right ingredients, so if you’re thinking about running this deck be sure to check out Broly’s Deck Profile on youtube for some pointers.


5. Hit (Leader Card) / 10000 Power / Awaken

Getting a +5000 power boost every turn from this Leader card isn’t too bad. The Hit Deck is also a nice starter deck to begin with, and with the right cards it can become a lethal one as well.


4. Ginyu (Leader Card) / 10000 Power / Awaken

This Leader card would be good to practice with once you’ve gotten a little used to the game. If you’re gonna run this deck, you might wanna make sure you’ve got the rest of the Ginyu Force along with Frieza, Zarbon, and Dodoria on your side. You can also get some good ideas on Reddit if you’re having trouble.


3. Vegito (Leader Card) / 10000 Power / Permanent / Awaken

This Leader card’s ability will change any Goku or Vegeta cards that you have in your deck to red, blue, and green cards for the rest of the battle. You also get a +5000 power boost every time this card attacks. Having a lot of Goku, Vegeta, and Vegito cards can really help if you somehow get yourself in a jam. Also don’t forget to combo as much as you can!


2. Son Goku (Leader Card) / 10000 Power / Awaken

This card and the Vegeta Leader card are great decks to start off with if this is your first time playing. First off for this card; you’ll gain a +1000 power boost for each energy you have on the field, so the more energy you have on the field, the more power you gain. Even when this card awakens you still get the power boost ability, plus other neat perks depending on the type of deck you build around this card.


1. Cell (Leader Card) / 10000 Power / Awaken

This Leader card is a card killer as well as a nightmare for some players. As long as you have the androids and a few Cell cards in your deck, you can punish your opponents and gain quick victories with the right strategy of course. This deck plays rather aggressively due to the fact that if you’ve got some fusion/union Cell cards along with 17 and 18’s, you’ll be able to bring out your 30000 power Perfect Cell in no time! for tips and tricks just search youtube or Reddit.

Well guys, that will do it for this filler post. Whatever leader/deck you decide to go with, just know that you’re gonna have a great time playing this game. There’s more posts to come as well as a special announcement regarding what we’ll be doing in 2019. Until next post, stay golden! 😉

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