Filler Post: The (Brief) History of the Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game!

For over 20 years Dragon Ball Z has stood the test of time, and will be forever known as the G.O.A.T. of anime. 90’s fans from all over remember every detail, every fight, and every villain that Goku and the Z Fighters have come across. From the subs to the Saban/FUNimation dubs DBZ has made its mark on the anime universe, and has the most dedicated fanbase within the anime community. It is a true gem to those blessed enough to bask in its glory, and with that came something that many of us are still into even to this very day; the official Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game!

Over the years it has gone through a few renovations and changes (depending on which series/type you have or even remember), but nevertheless it still remains as a staple in the DBZ community. For this post we’re taking you back to how the hunt for rare trading cards began…

2000-2006: Dragon Ball Z Collectable Card Game

The whole saga behind scavenging for rare trading cards goes back to 2000 when it was first released. It kicked off with the “Saiyan Saga” and had several booster packs as well. The cards themselves were created by Score Entertainment which used screen capturing, to recapture moments and fights from the anime. Sadly this version is now out-of-print, however back then it had eighteen expansions, “Subsets” and a “virtual” set, one GBA game, and promo cards.


2008-2014: Dragon Ball Collectable Card Game/DBZCCG Reboot

Just two years after the original trading card game went out-of-print, a new game (released by Bandai) followed suit. This version of the game has completely different rules from its previous incarnation, however fans dropped it quickly due to reasons that are ‘obvious in nature’. In Fall of 2014 a remake of the first trading card game was branded and created by Panini America employee/DBZCCG World Champion, Aik TongTharadol. Of course in order to stay true to the original, it brought back many of its elements plus a few new changes for more fluid gameplay. The game however changed after Super came out…


2017-Present: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

A new game with all new rules revealed itself in January of 2017. The DBSCG has every single hero and villain from every DBZ series ever produced – even the special ones! The rules are actually quite simple; drop your opponent’s Health from 8 to 0 and win! Base power levels (or points) in this game range from 1000 to 45000, but can reach 60000+ with the right kind of strategy. There are tournaments happening all over the world through this version of the game, but only time will tell how long this train ride will last.

So there you have it; our brief history of the Dragon Ball Z Collectable Card Game! The rules may have changed over the years, but our love for our favorite heroes and villains still remains true in the hearts of all DBZ fans.

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