Filler Post: D&A’s Top 5 “Easter Eggs” Found in Anime Titles!

Whether it’s the production studio’s intention or its just an inside joke to get a reaction from the fans, ‘Easter Eggs’ bring a little magic to the title that they make a cameo appearance in – especially in anime! No matter what title you’ve seen or when you’ve seen it, somewhere along the line you’ve spotted either an item, person, or accessory from another show in the show you’re currently watching. These easter eggs (or references) pay homage to the respective shows that they’re parodying, and some are more noticeable than others. With that here are our Top 5 easter eggs found in anime.


Number 5: Assassination Classroom – Hidden Leaf Headband from Naruto

Have you ever watched so many Naruto episodes that something sentimental from it pops up in another show that you’ve started watching? Well if you’ve seen a particular episode of Assassination’s Classroom, you’ll find the item we’re talking about.


Number 4: Baka & Test – A Certain Vocaloid We All Know Appears

Hatsune Miku is huge right now! So huge that she’s now popping up in other shows on the way to debut in her own. Check out this little scene from Baka & Test and you’ll see what we mean.


Number 3: Cat Planet Cuties – Character Cameos From The Sacred Blacksmith

Both The Sacred Blacksmith and Cat Planet Cuties are made by the same studio (and possibly the same creator…possibly), so it’s no surprise that Luke and Cecily happen to be casually walking by during this episode.


Number 2: Major Lazer – Is That Who We Think It Is?!

A long time ago (roughly about five years or so) There was a Saturday night animation block on FOX called FOX ADHD. It had shows like High School USA and The Lucas Bros. to name a few, but there’s one show on that block called Major Lazer (not the DJ/Producer trio). Who is that we spot with our keen otaku eyes? It’s some cast members from Kill La Kill!


Number 1: Gintama – The Classic Dragon Ball Z Opening

This anime title has so many seasons, movies, specials, you name it! Of course you’ll also find a ton of references from other anime titles – especially DBZ! Here we see several cast members cosplaying as the Z Fighters that we all know and love. (This parody actually extends farther than we anticipated.)

So this post will do it for us as far as filler posts go, but there’s more to come next week on the blog! Until then; be nice to other fans, and continue making us a part of you! (In turn, we’ll do the very same!)