D&A’s Crunchyroll Spotlight: New Game!

Happy Friday everyone! We’re pretty sure that it’s been a hard week for many of us, but we’re soooo glad that it’s finally Friday! Tonight we’ve got another Crunchyroll anime title for you guys to check out (if you haven’t already done so that is). If you’re a fan of games; PC and video games themselves, then I believe that we just might have an anime title that may suit your needs.


If you liked the anime title known as Gamers, then we’ve got another title that’s similar to it! New Game! is an anime series about a high school graduate named Aoda Suzukaze, who has become inspired by the character designs of a certain video game, and begins working as a character designer for the game’s developer; Eagle Jump. While designing characters for the games, Aoda comes to know her colleagues as well as the other staff members of the company. The series pretty much follows Aoda and her colleagues as they develop and work on various characters for various types of games.

You can watch the first and second seasons of New Game! on Crunchyroll and of course FunimationNow! We’ve got more awesome filler posts coming up next week, and also next week, we’re back on the road with a one-day anime convention; CHS Otaku Fest!

Keep making D&A a part of you, and we’ll keep making you a part of us! 🙂

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