D&A Anime Blog: It’s Update Time, Again!

Top of the night, fellow otaku and anibloggers! We were going to bring you another filler post about our ‘Top 5 Comedic Anime Characters’, but we’ve decided to push that to next week’s post. A few weeks ago it was brought to our attention if we were going to continue to post any more videos on our YouTube page. The answer to that question is yes; in spite of the fact that getting and recording content has been on the recline. Luckily for us we’ve got two anime conventions that we’re heading to this month, so we’ll be working on getting some convention content as soon as those events arrive.

If you haven’t heard the news, we’ve decided to delete our Patreon page in order to shift our focus on an even bigger long-term goal; having our own anime convention. In one of our previous posts we’ve mentioned what we’ll be doing in order to achieve this goal, and that is broken down into three different phases. The first is to start a Kickstarter for “Project: Paradise” in order to raise funds so that we can establish a budget for the convention; Anime Escape! Phase two is the ‘red tape’ legal matters that have to be crossed. (Gaining and applying Non-profit status, convention location, tax exemptions, looking for con staff, etc.)

Phase three is heavy promotion, contacting booking agencies, creating a website, setting up a payment system for purchasing badges online, the whole nine yards. We’re hoping by our fifth or sixth anniversary, we’ll be able to officially announce our debut year for Anime Escape, on our seventh anniversary (or sooner).

That’s all for announcements! We’ve got more posts coming your way next week! 🙂