D&A Crunchyroll Spotlight: Overlord!!

Happy post-Easter to all of you guys and gals who avoided getting pranked on April Fools Day; commonly known as ‘dipping-my-kid-sister’s-hand-into-a-bucket-of-spiders’ day! This filler post got a little delayed today, but don’t worry cuz’ we’ve got another anime title from the great guys and staff from Crunchyroll, to share with you. For all of you MMORPG players out there who happen to like anime, we’ve got just the title for you! 🙂


Our Crunchyroll Spotlight title we’ve got for you is none other than a fantasy anime called Overlord! Basically the plot goes like this; a DMMORPG (Dive Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) called Yggdrasil was released in the year 2126. It is the most advanced DMMORPG of its kind due to the fact that it has heightened the interactive factor between the player, and the game. After a 12-year run the game servers are about to be shut down, as one of the members of the game’s strongest guilds; Ainz Ooal Gown, known by the character Momonga, continues to stay logged in until the day the game servers shut down for good. (Sadden by the fact that all of his friends have real lives and decided to quit the game.)

Upon the day of the shut-down Momonga discovers that the world of Yggdrasil, has been recreated as a reality of its own. All of its NPC’s have been brought to life as Momonga finds himself trapped in his character avatar. Since he can’t log out or do any other functions as a human being, Momonga sets off to find out if other players are trapped in this world along with him; taking on his former guild name.

So far there are currently two seasons of this anime title on Crunchyroll as well as FunimationNow. Although its under the fantasy genre, there’s a little bit of everything; except the ‘child-safety switch’. Should you get the chance you should check this anime title out if you’re a fan of MMORPG’s and fantasy. That’s all we’ve got for now but stick around, cuz’ there’s more posts coming up! 😉

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