D&A’s Top 5 Places To Shop For Anime Merch Online!

Cyber shopping is becoming the norm of everyday shopping, especially when retailers don’t sell the item that we desperately need (or have to have). Sites like Amazon and Ebay are just a couple of the most common sites of the online shopping circuit, which could spell trouble for retail stores ten, or twenty years down the line. (*Cough* Blockbuster!) So in a world where online stores are slowly but surely dominating the consumer industry, where can an anime/manga fan find some merch at good prices? Well, you’ve come to the right anime blog, cuz’ that’s what we’re here for!

Sure, you may find some good deals at many of the conventions you go to, but what about the items that can only be found online? Even if you did manage to find the item you’re looking for at a con, 9 times outta 10 another otaku’s got their eye (and hand) on it! Instead of trapping that guy or girl in your ‘Genjutsu of Death’, here’s our Top 5 list of online sites to find the merch you’ve been looking for!


Number 5 – The Anime Stuff Store!

Need the pinky rings Death the Kid wears to complete your cosplay? Then this is the online store for you! Whether you’re a cosplayer or anime fan, you can find some good stuff at great prices on this site. You’ll find items like pens, key chains, CDs, blankets, T-shirts, wigs, DVDs, and anything else that will make you ‘squeee!‘ in delight! They don’t call it the Anime Stuff Store for nothing! (Link: https://www.animestuffstore.com)

Number 4 – Otaku Village!

If you’re a hardcore anime fan (like an otaku over 9000), then you’re gonna want some of the most authentic anime merch you can find, right? Your answer lies at Otaku Village, an online place where fans can get some true authentic merch that’s licensed by the studios and creators of some of your favorite titles! You might kick out a lil’ more cash than other online stores depending on what you buy, but you can’t beat the quality when it comes to true authenticity! (Link: https://www.otakuvillage.com)

Number 3 – Best Anime Shop!

Looking for an online store that’s got a little bit of every fandom (merch-wise)? Then check this online store that we’ve come across! You’ll find wall scrolls and apparel from all your favorite titles and characters; such as SAO, Captain America, DBZ, Tokyo Ghoul, and so much more! It’s worth taking a shot at if you’ve got a reasonable budget to work with. (Link: https://www.bestanimeshop.com)

Number 2 – J-Box!

Looking for something kawaii for your girlfriend, or something to tease your boyfriend with? (No ladies, it’s not an online sex shop!) Then make your way to J-Box for all of your Japanese merchandise needs! Want candy? They got it! Want figures? They got it! Anything you want, they got it all! (Link: https://jbox.com)

And Finally Number 1 – Right Stuf Anime!

The #1 ‘go-to’ site for anime and manga fans alike! This is the place to go for all things otaku; such as DVDs, plushies, T-shirts, wall scrolls, figures, games, and so much more! Think of this as the Walmart Superstore for anime/manga fans, with great prices that are sure to give you more bang for your buck! (Link: https://www.rightstufanime.com)

So if you’re looking for that one item or box set that you couldn’t get your hands on at an anime convention, then check out these five online stores for all of your anime needs! 🙂

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