Filler Post: How To Survive Your First Anime Convention!

Just to let you guys know, this post is for anyone who has never EVER been to an anime convention before. If you’re a con veteran like us then we beg you to share this post with anyone who’s never been to a con before. With all that being said, let’s get started with the basics!


Rule #1: Do your Homework! (In other words: RE-search!)

Make sure that this is the number one thing that you do before proceeding to the next few rules that we have for you. Homework can be a pain in the butt; especially when you’re in grade school, but for something of this magnitude you’re gonna have to get on your boogie board (or surf board) and surf the web, daddy-o! Finding out where and when an anime convention starts will put you on the path to success when it comes to preparing for your first time. (Relax, we’re not talking about sex…yet.)

Rule #2: Book the Hotel, ASAP!!!

One of the worst things that can ever happen to a con goer is waiting until the week of the con to book a hotel. Remember, you’re not the only one going to the anime convention, you’re going to be there with at least 10,000+ other people who are just as enthusiastic about anime and manga as you are. That also means beating the hotel traffic in order to make sure that you and your anime-lovin’ friends, get the first discount-rated room that becomes available. As for when to book your room, make sure that you do it at least 3-4 months before the actual month that the con is scheduled to start. That way it’ll give you enough time to save up the money because depending on the con and its location, the hotel prices can be a little bit up there. ($150-$275 a night isn’t bad as long as you’ve got two or three friends o split the bill.)

Rule #3: Take What You Need, and not what you Don’t!

Over-packing can be the bane of anyone who’s going on vacation for the first time, so treat this as a vacation from reality and the rest of the world. Pack soaps, toothbrushes, deodorant, you know, the basic items for basic hygiene. No one wants to take a picture with you if your breath smells worst than Togami’s butt. (If you can guess where we got that reference from, then kudos my friend! ^.^) Technology-wise just bring your camera and/or video camera, just in case you decide that you might wanna document your first experience at a con. Finally, take some extra cash if you plan on buying some wall scrolls or other anime merchandise while you’re there.

Rule #4: Need a Ride? Let Uber, Lyft, or your friends be your Guide!

Okay, not this part can be a little bit tricky, but no worries we’ve got you covered! Depending on where the convention is located, you’re going to need one of the three methods of transportation that we’ve mentioned in this rule. If you’ve got friends who happen to have cars then you’re in good shape, because this will save you the trouble of asking mom and dad for a ride. (Of course with friends you won’t have to chip in that much for gas as opposed to your parents.) If you and your friends don’t have a car, then you can grab the Uber or Lyft app on your iPhone or Android (if you have one), and tell em’ to pick you up. (Make sure you get UberX because that’s the least expensive.) If your convention is less than 10 miles from your house, then mom and dad shouldn’t mind too much. (You’re still gonna have to pay them for gas though.)

Rule #5: Raid the Con! (Actually, don’t do that. Just walk around and check out the awesome atmosphere!)

When going to your first anime convention it is easy to get lost when you’ve never been inside the actual con before. After you’ve paid for your con badge make sure that the con staff has given you a map/schedule of the con, because this will cut down a lot of the hassle that comes with being an anime convention virgin. (Minus the sex. Sorry, sorry! T.T) If there are no panels going on during the first two hours of the con, take that time to plan out which panels you and your friends want to go to. Establish a meeting place if you and your friends decide to go to different panels, and don’t forget to make time to eat too! If you make sure that all of the conditions of the first four rules have been met, then you should be all set! 😉

FINALLY, just have fun! Take pictures with other fans who are cosplaying as your favorite characters from your favorite series. Go see your favorite voice actors. Head down to the con’s rave party and dance the night away while listening to a progressive house remix of Sailor Moon. (The DJs at these cons are pretty good, of course Yours Truly plans on throwing his hat into that ring pretty soon.)

Well, I hope that this filler post helped you out. If this is your first time going to an anime con and you don’t know what to do, just look back on this post and relax.


Never be afraid to be yourself at an anime con! They’re a great place to meet other fans who love anime and manga as much as you do.

3 thoughts on “Filler Post: How To Survive Your First Anime Convention!

  1. Cons sounds rigorous over there. I’m from the Philippines, so conventions mostly happen in one place. It is overcrowded though, since most cons invite international cosplayers or japanese bands to the events making it super hard to enjoy the day. It also lost appeal to me, because it’s become a money making scheme for some sleazy people, and I don’t want to support it. XD
    I bet its fun going to a far place and book a hotel just for a con though. I’m jeaLous.


    • It’s kind of sad that there are some people who use anime cons as a get-rich-quick-scheme, in order to swindle awesome people like you and I, however we do our best to make sure that anime fans, con goers, cosplayers and everyone else has a great, safe, and fun time! 🙂

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