The 80’s Marching In On Throwback Thursday! (Plus Updates!!)

Long time no see, right? This is our first Throwback Thursday since our return from Animore last week, so with that in mind we’ve got some updates for ya! After tonight our 80’s and 90’s Anime of the Week editions for our Throwback Thursday segments, will only have two anime title reviews instead of three, in order to keep the nostalgia going and lasting just a lil’ bit longer. We’re also still constructing our Toonami legacy drop down menu, so we’ll continue to keep you posted on its latest developments.

From February 6th through February 18th of 2017, we’ll be taking a two week hiatus from the blog/site to work on our upcoming fanfiction; Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai S. Until then we’ll continue our regularly scheduled program, which is and will always remain, in progress! 😉

Highlights from Animore 2017 are now on our Youtube Page!!

We’ve kicked off our mini anime convention tour this past weekend, with our fist stop being at Animore 2017! It was quite an adventure for us being that we’ve debuted our blog last year at this con, and we’re so excited to be returning for its second year! Check out the highlights and shenanigans that took place while we were there, and for more action, head to Animore’s Official Group Page on facebook.

You can also watch the video on our D&A Videos drop down menu on our site! 🙂

D&A’s Animore Shout-Outs!!

We just wanna give a few shout-outs to all of the awesome people we’ve met while at Animore this past weekend!

  • Chuck Huber
  • Felecia Angelle
  • Anthony Bowling
  • CJ Bear and the rest of the Animore Staff
  • Tainted Reality, for the great DJ set you guys put on
  • Aaron Rabe (aka “Spider” Jack Sparrow)
  • Fritz Cosplay
  • Man at Arms
  • The Wooden Dwarf
  • Andre Jackson
  • Beef Jerky Guy
  • Serenity’s Revenge Cosplay
  • Machipongo Studios
  • Doug Bell Publishing
  • And finally you (the fans) and cosplayers of Animore

We shall return in 2018 for our two year anniversary!! 🙂

Animore Was AWESOME!!! :)

What a great con!! We at D&A just want to thank all of the staff that handled Animore 2017! There was so much love and so much respect for each other that both A. Goldman and Yours Truly, could just cry (anime) tears of joy. Shout outs to all the vendors, all the artists, all the voice actors, and of course…all the fans!

A new page known as the Animore Cosplay Mosaic has now been created on the blog, so if you want to check out your cosplay pics, be sure to check that page out! We’ll also be working on the video highlights of the con as well as the pages for The Legacy page, so stay tuned for that! You guys are the reason why D&A Anime Blog even exists, and for that, WE THANK YOU!!! 🙂

Robots and Pretz! Our First Miscellany Monday of the New Year!!

Sorry we’re a little late but we’re back to welcome our first Miscellany Monday of the new year! We’ve got some great lesser-known anime titles for you to check out, as well as some delicious Japanese snacks to chow down on. Sink your teeth into a crunchy and delectable snack from the same makers as pocky, or enjoy a lesser-known awesome anime sci-fi thriller with a touch of romance called Robotics;Notes! Either way, we plan on keeping up our pace with bringing you some great titles and some good food, cuz’ that’s how we do it right here on D&A Anime Blog! It’s a part of you…

Cut Through 2016 with a Slash! 2017 Slash Saturday Has Arrived!!

Slash through the problems you’ve had in 2016, and say hello to a new year with new excitement in 2017! Slash Saturday has returned with some samurai anime titles and Hall of Fame inductees for the new year. Revisit the bloody period that is the Sengoku Period (of Feudal Japan) with Yukimura and Date in Sengoku Basara, of check our male and female Hall of Fame inductees both past and present!

Next weekend we’ll be on tour at Animore 2017, so we’ll be rescheduling our Slash Saturday segment for the weekend after. Until next time, this is D&A signing off! See ya, and enjoy Toonami!! 🙂

It’s Our First D&A Friday of the New Year!! (And it’s Magical! ^.^)

We’re already six days into the new 2017 year, and we’re just getting started baby! We kick it off with our first D&A Fridays of the new year; featuring some anime and manga titles that we know you’re gonna love! Fight off witches using your magical powers granted to you by a furry little cat in Madoka Magica, or share the love and empathy you have for another person (er, alien) in DearS. When it comes to Fridays, we’re your go-to guys for some of the latest and greatest reviews in anime, and manga!

Tomorrow will mark the first Slash Saturday of the New Year so get ready for that! And on that note, we’ll catch you guys next time right here on D&A! It’s a part of you…