It’s Our First D&A Friday of the New Year!! (And it’s Magical! ^.^)

We’re already six days into the new 2017 year, and we’re just getting started baby! We kick it off with our first D&A Fridays of the new year; featuring some anime and manga titles that we know you’re gonna love! Fight off witches using your magical powers granted to you by a furry little cat in Madoka Magica, or share the love and empathy you have for another person (er, alien) in DearS. When it comes to Fridays, we’re your go-to guys for some of the latest and greatest reviews in anime, and manga!

Tomorrow will mark the first Slash Saturday of the New Year so get ready for that! And on that note, we’ll catch you guys next time right here on D&A! It’s a part of you…

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