Throwback Thursday on D&A: The 90’s Have Returned!!

The 90’s are back on this windy Thursday night, and we’ve brought two classic anime titles for you to check out for your own enjoyment! Get lost in a boy-girl story about being true to yourself no matter what in His and Her Circumstances, or join Chacha as she uses her magical girl powers to save her friends from trouble in Akazukin Chacha.

Tomorrow D&A Fridays is back with another round of anime and manga titles for you to check out, and brag about. Of course Saturday we resume our Slash Saturday segment with some great samurai anime titles and Hall of Fame inductees! With February rollin’ around the corner we got you covered on all the latest anime cons that are happening that month, plus more updates about our Toonami drop down menu project. All this and more next time on D&A! It’s a part of you! 😉

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