The Top 5 Funniest Anime Moments!

Hey guys n’ girls! Did you miss us, cuz’ we sure did! So after coming back from Zenkaikon we ended up taking an unexpected two week hiatus due to another gut-punch from life. However as always we found a way to bounce back to the blog and do what we do best; make awesome posts for you guys to check out! You might have noticed that we’ve upgraded a few things while we were away (mainly on our main page), but our total anime blog revamp project is far from over.

In the meantime however, we’ve combed the web and found some funny moments from anime history! Don’t worry, we’ll do the best we can to keep any spoilers to a minimum.

#5 School Rumble – The Art Exhibit

Hey, did you hear the one about the two dudes and the high school art exhibit? Well, they say that the human body is a true work of art, but when it comes to the guys in this anime clip, their work of art involves the student body.

#4 Naruto Shippuden – Kakashi and Guy’s Footrace

For over ten years we’ve watched our favorite orange ninja grow up in the Land of the Leaf, and now he’s finally Hokage and got the girl of his dreams (who is now his wife). During the course of his adventures Naruto has gone through some tough battles and risked his life multiple times, but since we’re all well versed on that, let’s peek into something that’s been sitting on the sidelines; Kakashi and Might Guy’s rivalry.

#3 One-Punch Man – The “Nutcracker”

Yeah, you can make you’re own joke on this one…

#2 Dragon Ball Super – Vegeta Cooks For Whis

Once a ruthless saiyan prince with no remorse towards anyone and anything, Vegeta has now become a family man as well as one of the strongest Z Fighters protecting the Earth. He may be an ace at fighting, but when it comes to the culinary arts…not so much. XP

#1 Ghost Stories – The Whole Series

It’s impossible to pick out just once funny scene from this series, cuz’ the whole freakin’ show is chuck-full of them! Bar none this is one of the BEST dubs in all of anime history; frankly because it bombed so badly in Japan, that the creators wanted to break even on the show’s dub. So what did FUNimation do? They (professionally) abridged the entire series deeming it ‘The Equal Opportunity Offender’. We can’t talk about this show enough, so we highly recommend watching it (if you’re over 18 of course).

That will do it for us and this list of funny moments in anime history. There’s more to come this week so stay tuned! 😉


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