A Nor’Easter Debut!

We’ve made our appearance at Animore Anime Con @ the Hyatt Regency in Baltimore today! Of course due to Mother Nature’s plans we were unable to fully enjoy the con experience (*Face-Palm*).

However It was fun networking with fellow con goes and congrats to Animore’s debut in Baltimore! Stay warm! 🙂

D&A is coming to Animore!

We will be attending Animore on January 22-24 so if you see us walking around, say “hi” and maybe take a couple cosplay pics with us! (No, we don’t have our own panel yet…but we might next year if things work out.) After the con we’ll be creating a D&A Cosplay Slideshow of our first Animore appearance, so if you want your pic to be a part of the slideshow, let us know! 🙂