Our Return To Zenkaikon!

2017 was the most active year for us going to cons and promoting our blog, and one of the cons that we’ve gone to during our tour (as well as had the most fun at) was Zenkaikon. This convention is a 3-day sci-fi/anime convention held at the Lancaster Marriott in Lancaster, PA. It was also during that year that this was our first anime convention out of state, and our first impression of the convention was indeed nothing short of awesome! We had the chance to meet some rather awesome people as well as meet some of our twitter and facebook fans, plus we even got the chance to meet the one and only Toonami T.O.M. himself, Steve Blum (as well as Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)!

Bang! 😉

There’s a lot for fans of both sci-fi and anime to do at this convention, and for some of us who are nerdy party animals there’s also raves that happen on Friday and Saturday nights! One cool thing about this con is the fact that everyone we’ve met while we were there, was incredibly nice. This time around we hope to have the same amount of fun as we did two years ago, and for those who happen to be going, we’ll see you there March 22-24! And on that note that will do it for this post. Until next time, stay nerdy! 😉

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