D&A Studios Entertainment Memorial Day Recap!

It’s Memorial Day; the unofficial kick off to Summer 2022! Most of us are off while some of us have to work, but for us at D&A, it means we’ve got some awesome content for you to check out on our Youtube channel! In case you guys are asking about it, we’re working on the 28th episode of our podcast that we hope to have up by next week. Also, we’ll be kicking off a brand new anime and video game character analysis series called One-2-One starting in June. Not only that, but we’ll be bringing back an old favorite from the past next Wednesday that you all know as Cons Near U; where we pick three different conventions you guys might wanna check out if you haven’t already. That’ll do it for us for this post, so until the next one, stay nerdy! 😉

If you don’t know, now you know!
This was ACTUALLY the first episode
How to break up with your waifu 101