Anime REvisited Special: The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 4!

What’s up my dudes n’ dudettes! Welcome back to another episode review of our Anime REvisited Special; The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter! In this one a new character is introduced so let’s get to it, shall we?

The Main Cast

In the previous episode Lola told Noir and Emma that in order to lift the 16th Year Death Curse from Maria; the Duke’s daughter, they would need the help of a Cleric. It just so happens that Lola’s friend is one; as she goes to the area where she is performing her healing duties to ask for her help on behalf of Noir and Emma. While this is taking place Noir heads back to the hidden dungeon where Olivia is and asks if there is a skill that will let him gain LP more quickly. Although she was a little upset that he didn’t come to see her sooner, she grants him the skill “Lucky Ledger” to help boost is LP fast.

One problem though; that skill triggers every time he’s around the opposite sex, so Noir had to get a little creative and make sure it only happens rarely. Midway through the episode Noir and Emma meet Lola’s Cleric friend Luna, who happens to be part Elf. During their meeting Luna tells the others that even though she can lift curses, this curse in particular she won’t be able to lift. (After taking a look at her skills and abilities Noir finds out why, but she never told Lola about it.) Noir told Emma and Lola that he would like to talk to Luna for a moment about what the next option would be, but something happened downtown where a boy got injured; leaving Luna to jump into action and heal him. After doing so however, her persona reverted back to when she was a child herself – which is both embarrassing and funny.

While the girls were still hung up on the fact that Luna could die if she lifts the curse, Noir revealed that he can use a skill to where only Luna’s finances will get drained – not her life. But he’s 2000 LP short of his goal, and doesn’t know where he can get his hands on a million rels (basically coins in this series). Lola had an idea based on how Noir is able to gain LP currently, but it’s not gonna be pretty. The four of them attended an event known as the “Harem Pride Event” held by a noble who was socially-rejected by women; so much so, that he doesn’t even wanna be in the same room with or breathe the same air as them. (The same is said about the crowd as well, which is why they all where “Shy Guy” masks to cover up their loathsome faces.) Yep, the next episode is gonna be ‘fun’…

That’s all we’ve got for now, but as always there’s more content coming your way! Until next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

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