Anime REvisited Special: The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter Episode 2!

Yo! We’re back with our second episode review from our Anime REvisited Special title; The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter! Normally we review titles that have been around for 5 years or more, but this special series review is a ‘thank you’ to all of our fans who have supported us through the five years we’ve been around. So without further delay, let’s get on with the show!

The Main Cast

Welp, last time we met Noir Stardia he passed the entrance exam for the Hero Academy, but has to find a way to pay off the entrance fee. He asked his father for the money at first, but that didn’t bode well for ‘certain’ reasons. So Noir had to earn the money himself, but to do so he enlisted the help of his ‘master’ Olivia (back at the hidden dungeon of course) who told him to look for some rainbow grasshoppers; as they’re very rare. In order to do that Olivia told Noir he’d have to join an adventurer’s guild; or at least go on a few quests and complete them in order to get some coins.

This led him to the receptionist known as Lola; who was responsible for handling all of the quests of the adventurers as well as their payment. After asking Noir to write down his skills so she can figure out what quest to send him on, Lola took a look at the skills he wrote down and asked him to “take this seriously!” and write down his exact skills. Because Noir was confident in what he wrote Lola took out a book with the crest of the guild that Olivia (Noir’s master) was once a part of; then told Noir to place his hand on it to reveal the truth. Of course when it was revealed to be true, Lola had to do something embarrassing which boosted Noir’s LP by 300 points.

Eventually Emma came along for the ride when she found out Noir went off adventuring without her and helped him on his quest to gather the grasshoppers. Later on (after a little static friction between Emma and Lola due to them both liking, and possibly loving, Noir) the two went on another quest which led to a boss fight with a Lv. 24 giant rabbit. Emma held her own against the beast but couldn’t really land any killing blows against it do to her being at a lower level. Noir grasped her and led her to a safe place away from the rabbit, but now he had to figure out a way to make Emma stronger. How he did it you ask? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Long-story-short, Noir managed to gain the money he needed for the Hero Academy and even gained accolades from other guild members and adventurers for his heroic deed. It felt like a dream to him; he was receiving praises for completing his quests as well as defeating the giant rabbit, when not long ago he was looked-down upon because he was a Baronet. Even though it still haunts him, he realizes just how strong he’ll soon become as an adventurer.

In this episode we get to see Emma in action, so perhaps she’s inspired by Noir for his bravery as well as other things besides being his childhood friend. By the end of the episode it looks like Noir might be on the fast track to having a harem, but he never really sees them as romantic partners – but as his friends. Could that change later on in the series? Maybe…

That will do it for our episode review for now, but there’s more content on the way! 😉

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