Anime REvisited: And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online Episode 7!

We have returned with yet another anime episode review from our Anime REvisited pick; And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online! When it comes to rom-com anime there’s always the infamous “Beach Episode”, so let’s suit up and Jump in!

Main Cast

Now that school is over, Hideki and the others are on their way to the net game’s version of summer camp; however for 24 hours none of the club members are allowed anywhere near a laptop or a computer as part of a special curbing exercise from net gaming. This was all a part of Kyo’s plan to help Ako realize that real life can be just as fun as net game life, and that she needs to have a chance to enjoy real-life experiences like a regular teenage girl – a normie girl. With this episode being a beach episode, be prepared to expect the following if you watch it; swimsuits (one-piece and two-piece) with a sprinkle of fanservice, the legendary Konami Cheat Code as a reference, and another chance of Hideki asking Ako to be his girlfriend…which backfires again.

After the 24-hour net game ban was lifted, Hideki and the rest of the club members made their way to a hotel that’s doing a cross-promotional event. Hotel guests can log in at the computer room in the lobby and get special bonuses in the game, by making purchases on real-life items. Hideki logged in at first but it looks like his password didn’t take, so he tried it again and it worked. Near the end of the episode while everyone else went to their rooms (in the game we assume) Rusian and Ako stood out in the hallway; as she asked him if he wanted to come into her room for…couples’ things. As they both sat on the bed something strange happened; Rusian disappeared for a moment, then reappeared after that. Any gamer or net gamer out there has had this happen to them at least once in their life, and Hideki is about to find out the hard way…

Yeah, this review is kinda short, but other than it being mostly a beach episode followed by another rejection of real-life love, there’s not a whole lot that happens here. On that note that will do it for this episode review, and as always until our next post, stay nerdy my friends! 😉

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