Anime REvisited: And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online Episode 6!

Greetings nerds n’ nerdettes! We have returned once again to bring you another episode review of our Anime REvisited pick that you already know by now; as And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online! So without further delay, let’s go get it!

The Main Cast

Before the episode starts we find Rusian (Hideki) telling the story of what happened after he was rejected by Nekohime via marriage proposal. While talking with one of his other friends in the game, Rusian discovered that his friend had his proposal rejected by the love of his life as well. Somehow it led up to him telling Rusian why Nekohime rejected him in the first place – as if you rewind back to the first episode the answer is pretty obvious.

Once the school day was over, Hideki and the others met up at the net game club to do some more grinding in L.A. along with Seti (a.k.a. Hanako in real-life). After helping her to complete the side quest Seti gained the Summoner skill; and summoned a small little dog that looked like hers at home. While at the tavern where they usually meet up Kyo mentions that final exams are coming up and that now would be a good time to study for them. Sooo…with that being the case, the class prez decided to put the net gaming club on hiatus until exam week is over. While walking home alongside Ako and talking about studying for the exams, Ako suddenly has the look of a teenager who totaled his/her parents’ car. We’re not ones to judge (cuz’ we’ve been in this situation ourselves), but when 90% of your priorities revolve around MMOs and video games, it’s time to get some help.

In Ako’s case; Rusian and the others helped her study for the finals while inside the game. Once the finals were over, Kyo announced that the net game club will be having a special camp where they’ll be focusing on their physical health while moderating their net gameplay. By the end of the episode (and after talking with Kyo and Akane) Hideki decided that it was time for him to declare his love for Ako; and ask her to be his girlfriend. Well…it backfired hard. During a post credits scene, Ako talked to Akane about why she told Hideki that she said “no” on being his girlfriend; that since she was already his “wife” she thought being a girlfriend in her mind was a demotion, or even that they might get divorced. It’s safe to say that Ako is in love with and married to Hideki’s character in the game and not him in real life; and THAT’S what he’s heartbroken about! Ouch!

Well guys, that will do it for this anime episode review. No worries though; cuz’ there’s more content on the way! Until next post, stay nerdy! 😉