Anime REvisited: And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online Episode 5!

Hiyo! Guess what? We’re back with another episode review from our Anime REvisited pick; And You Thought There Is Never A Girl Online! I guess what happens now is the review itself, so let’s get to it!

The Cast

Back in L.A. Ako is unsure just how faithful Rusian is to her, or how much he truly cares for her. This led to her wanting to play a different game at the gaming club at school due to Seti being close with Rusian. That game ended up being a first-person shooter crawling with ‘normies’; the very thing Ako hates. Upon playing the game she was actually really good at it, as she took down a lot of other players who were probably veterans. Sometime later Akane’s friend asked Hideki why she wasn’t able to find him in the game, as it was suddenly revealed that she was Seti in the game; tarnishing Akane’s reputation of being popular, and causing Ako to dash off in shock.

A little bit later after school Hideki and the others met at the gaming club, but Ako was nowhere to be seen. In fact no one in the club was able to get in touch with her because she wouldn’t answer her own phone. If no one can reach her in the real world, there was only one other option – jump into L.A. and try and talk to Ako there. The one to do so was Rusian, but Ako stated that she’s “quitting” real life and would rather play Legendary Age for the rest of her life; doing away with school and anything else that reminds her of the real world. Ako also states that she’ll max out her level so that she’ll be reincarnated and stay in L.A. for good, but Rusian doesn’t want that for her. She disappears before Rusian can stop her; leaving Hideki frustrated, and thinking that the net game club that was supposed to help Ako separate between fantasy and reality backfired.

The situation looked bleak but in fact Ms. Saito stated that Ako only cut herself off from the world, and not her friends. Hideki knew that the only person who could get through to Ako was him, so he made a trip to her house. After chatting with her mom about Ako quitting school and gaming for the rest of her life, she gave Hideki the keys to her daughter’s room. (If her dad was around this wouldn’t be happening, but it’s anime after all.) Hideki heads to Ako’s room and tells her that he wants to talk to her, but he ends up walking in on her changing (or at the very least getting naked). He slams the door shut and asks her to “PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!!” and after she says it’s safe to come in…she’s still naked. It’s more funny if you watch the scene then us tell it to you.

Inside Ako’s room Hideki tells her that he’s going to drop out of school and play L.A. with her since that’s what she wants to do. Ako didn’t like the idea because if Hideki dropped out, then the others would miss him. Hideki then stated that Ako would be doing the very same; to which she agreed. To Ako; real life is rather tough, and it was hard for her to make friends because all she wanted to do was play net games. Rusian (Hideki) was the same way, but he told Ako and if she tried just a little bit to accept the real world into her life, he would be right there by her side like a real husband to his wife. By the end of the episode it looks like Ako has some newfound confidence for the real world, thanks to Akane’s friend (Seti) telling the other girls how awesome her ‘boyfriend’ is.

Now that we’re close to the halfway mark of the series it looks like Ako is experiencing what it’s like to have real friends that love and care about her. This one’s kind of a touching episode to an extent, as Ako appears to be having a real breakthrough – in her own way. On that note that will do it for this episode review, but if you know us by now (and we’re pretty sure you do), we’ll be back with more awesome content for the blog!

Until next post, stay nerdy! 😉

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