Fanfiction Update: Sonic Battle PSG Coming 2021!!

Hey guys n’ gals! A few posts back we mentioned that D&A’s own D.J. Lewis would be coming out of fanfiction retirement to bring you a new crossover fanfic entitled Sonic Battle PSG. Now we’re here to update you on what the story will be about, so here we go!

Title card

Deep within the Lost Realm, a group of powerful S-Rank ghosts called “The Renegades” were watching the Anarchy sisters destroy one of their brethren once again. The leader of the group known as Legend issued a declaration of war against the angels as he and the other nine ghostly members agreed. Meanwhile in Daten City Garterbelt was tending to the
garden in the church’s courtyard until he heard the sound of thunder; followed by the sound of Chuck getting shocked by lighting.

The afro preacher left the courtyard and into the backdoor of the kitchen where a fried Chuck was sitting on the table. Garter banged the dog on the head as it spat out a note that read “Renegades”. An uneasy look appeared on the preacher’s as he read the note, but the sound of Panty and Stocking crashing through the church’s front doors in See Through snapped him out of it.

Not far from Daten City lies Emerald Town, as Sonic is at the beach relaxing after foiling Dr. Eggman’s plans for world domination one month ago. Sudden the sky grew dark as grey clouds started to form, as Sonic opened his eyes before leaping away from the bolt of lightning that struck right where he was relaxing. Once the smoke had cleared he saw a pair of gloves and his signature red and white sneakers, but they had a divine glow to them. Next to them was a note as the blue hedgehog went over to pick it up. It told Sonic to put on the gloves and shoes and rally his allies, then go to Daten City for a new adventure. Sonic put the note in his pocket before putting on the glowing gloves and shoes, and sped off to Tails’ Lab.

Back at the church Garter was pissed that the angels crashed See Through into the front doors, but he reluctantly shook it off as he had bigger problems. The preacher told Panty and Stocking that a powerful group of ghosts known as “The Renegades” are coming to Daten City to wreak havoc on anybody that gets in their way. As usual the angels were off in their own little world; Panty snoring away, while Stocking was reading the latest issue of “Goth Monthly”. Before Garterbelt could yell at the angels for being the lazy-ass sluts they usually are, a sudden earthquake was felt as Panty snapped out of her slumber.

The angels and Garter went outside and saw a massive ghost causing destruction downtown, and floating next to it appeared to be one of the ghost members from “The Renegades”. Garter declared that Panty and Stocking handle the situation immediately, though little do they know; they might be receiving some unexpected help from a certain blue hedgehog and his allies…

You can find this story on in January 2021! That’s all the updates we’ve got for now, so until next post, continue to stay safe and love one another! 🙂

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